Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New single from The Killers

It's been four years since we last had new material from The Killers. So what can we expect from their new material? A reinvigorated rock group at the peak of their creative powers ? A confusing dubstep side-project? A concept album about László Bíró, inventor of the ball-point pen?

Er... no. The Killers sound exactly the same as they did four years ago.

Exactly. The. Same.

Runaway is the first release from their forthcoming album Battle Born and the only real innovation is that Brandon Flowers has pushed his vocals a little higher in the mix. Otherwise, it's the same old sustained chords, the same old queasy synth line, and the oh-so-familiar military snare drum in the build-up to the last chorus.

It's not a bad song, per se, just a bit disappointing. Have a listen below...

The Killers - Runaways

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