Thursday, July 26, 2012

Four unflattering screen grabs from the new Little Mix video

There's a simple rule for girl band videos: Cut between a master take of the band together, and shots of the members performing solo. The inserts should be filmed against different backgrounds, each designed to show the girl's individual personality "in full effect", etc, etc.

The video for Little Mix's rip-roaring debut single Wings steadfastly adheres to this template. And here's what we learns (with apologies to the girls for the images, it's just that the video is jumps around so frenetically it's difficult to get a picture where one of them isn't pulling a funny face.)

PERRIE: Botanist. Sensitive to smells.

JESY: Failed her audition for Run-DMC.

JADE: Angry bow tie collector.
Back-up plan to become a clown if Little Mix go down the dumper.

LEIGH-ANNE: Shares a stylist with Kermit The Frog.

To be fair, the video does a great job - and you can't deny the brilliance of the song. But the best bits are the group bits, which is as it should be, is it not? Yes it is. Thank you.

Little Mix - Wings

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