Friday, July 6, 2012

Florence breaks it down again

Breaking Down is my favourite track on Florence + The Machine's second album, Ceremonials. From the wobbly honky-tonk piano to the tape-slap echo on the drums, it is four minutes of pop perfection - and surprisingly upbeat for a song about depression and paranoia.

The album hasn't exactly set the charts on fire, so I'm pleased to see Breaking Down get a release, because if anything is going to convince people to shell out for Florence's LP at this late stage, it's this song.

The nostalgic, sun-bleached video premiered on Vice Magazine's new YouTube channel (which is very good, by the way) earlier this week. It's one of those cheap and cheerful tour diary efforts, but Florence is always watchable - and it's nice to see some candid, relaxed moments where she's not vamping it up in a wispy gothic fright-dress.

Florence + The Machine - Breaking Down

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