Monday, July 9, 2012

First single from X Factor's Amelia Lily

In the vast pantheon of pop, there are a striking number of people with two first names: George Michael, Billy Joel, Les Paul, Cliff Richard, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Dean Martin, Paul Simon, Carly Simon, Ricky Martin, Toni Basil, Paula Abdul... I could go on.

Thanks to my brilliant mathematical mind (Grade B in AS-Level statistics, suckers) I can conclusively state that having two first names guarantees chart success. How do you account for the bewildering success of Take That? It's not the seductive compositional stylings of Sir Gareth Barlow OBE, it's the full-throttle assault of three double-firsters: Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Robbie William(s).

Given the overwhelming body of evidence, I predict X Factor graduate Amelia Lily will be number one for three months. And if it all goes wrong, she has a hidden trick up her sleeve: A third first name (she was born Amelia Lily Oliver).

Happily for your ears, Ameila's debut single, You Bring Me Joy, isn't an utter crock of shit. Produced by Xenomania, it's an "uptempo dance number" with a repetitive but unshakeable melody.

This is the part where I'd normally say Amelia's come a long way since her TV debut (Tulisa: "You performed like a 30-year-old woman") but, to be honest, her voice was as stunning then as it is now. I really hope this does well. Radio programmers, it's up to you now.

Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy

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