Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A song for a sunrise

There's only two of them, but Alberta Cross are the rock equivalent of Google Earth. Behatted singer / guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee is from Sweden; bassist Terry Wolfers was born in London; the band is based in Brooklyn; and they're named after a province in Canada. How cosmopolitan.

Despite the geographical diversity, the duo's new single, Magnolia, is firmly rooted in the beer-soaked blues of middle America (although it does manage to sneak in a cheeky reference to Radiohead's Airbag via the bassline).

If you've ever had a delicate morning after a night on the rock and roll funbus, then this is a song for you. The first verse finds the band hiding under the duvet and "dragging down the morning sun". But, by the soaring climax, they've roped in a gospel choir to give daybreak a helping hand. It sounds like the gentlest, most blissful hangover of all time.

Sigh. I miss my 20s.

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