Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New music for sheep rustlers


What's that noise? No, it's not a brick in a washing machine (that sounds more like this) it's the new single by Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep.

The girls - Becky Hawley (keys, vocals), Emily Lansley (guitar, vocals) and Lucy Mercer (drums, vocals) - started off in 2010, recording on cassettes and making their first EPs in an abandoned school in Liverpool. All of which is rather romantic and lo-fi, but since signing to Heavenly Records they've also had the chance to record in the lush studios at Abbey Road.

Luckily, the bigger budget has done nothing to diminish their charm. Their debut single, Shut Eye, starts off with the driving percussion of Mumford And Sons at their most demented, but the nursery rhyme vocals and psychedelic harmonies save it from being overblown. It's a beautiful racket. A delicate explosion. And it's only 59p on iTunes. What are you waiting for?

Oh, the video is what you're waiting for. Here it is, then.

Stealing Sheep - Shut Eye

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