Thursday, June 7, 2012

New band alert: Haim

Haim are an alt-rock girl band from Los Angeles, whose shimmy-shaking new single Freedom has been causing involuntary chair dancing in our office all day. It's nothing you haven't heard before - all staccato indie guitars and R&B-inspired hiccups - but it is rather lovely.

The group first got together when they were born, because Haim are sisters Danielle (22, vocals), Alana (20, guitar) and Este (24, bass). In fact, the line-up even used to include their parents. They would tour folk festivals playing under the name Rockinhaim which I think we can all agree is perfectly terrible.

Artistic differences led to the current line-up. "We were pushing out against our parents a bit," Este told Vogue. "Every Sunday they'd put on 'Breakfast with the Beatles,' but we’d always want to switch it over to something like TLC, En Vogue, or Brandy and Monica."

Fast forward to 2011 and, amid the hullabaloo of the SXSW festival, the band stood out as ones-to-watch after receiving a barrage of blustering reviews. Words used in these reviews included "sparky" and "unhinged" and "fucking awesome".

And that brings us to today, and the band's FREE single Forever, which takes those hippy 60s ideals and smacks them across the face with a dose of robo-R&B. You can sample its delights below, then head over to the band's website for the MP3.

Haim - Forever

PS: Following the current trend for musicians giving their fans names (Monsters, Soldiers, Diamonds, etc) can we all agree now that Haim's supporters will be known as Haimophiliacs?

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