Monday, June 11, 2012

Frank Ocean - just don't call him an R&B singer

Speaking to The Quietus last November, Frank Ocean had a good old moan about being labelled an R&B singer.

"It's not about genre," he said. "I think so many genres have rubbed off on each other... it's just dated. It's played out, it's over, it's done. Stop."

Ocean had already proved his point on Nostalgia, Ultra, the debut album he released (for free) online last year. The record sampled Radiohead, Coldplay and The Eagles. The Eagles sued him, Coldplay booked him as a support act.

Truthfully, his music leans towards pop and R&B more than anything else - but what sets Ocean apart is his lack of boundaries. His new single, Pyramids, is a 10-minute, multi-tempo trip through the senses, culminating in a deliriously woozy guitar solo. It's like Prince on Prozac.

Radio might not play it - although I suspect there's a decent edit point around the 4'30" mark - but Pyramids is causing a Pharaohld (fair old) storm online. Ocean uploaded the track to Soundlcoud over the weekend. It's already been streamed 350,000 times.

Click below to make it 350,001.

PS: Those of you paying attention to the artwork will have noticed that the "Pyramid" of the title in fact refers to carnal stirrings in Frank's trouser department. What a perv.

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