Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't watch this video if you've got hayfever

"I AM THE NEW PAT BENATAR," declared Mary Epworth in a recent interview with Ruth Barnes. An empirical review of the evidence proves this seemingly rash statement to be true, based upon three variables:

1) Pat Benatar is amazing
2) Mary Epworth is amazing
3) They are both legally registered as women

Where it all falls apart is that Mary's music sounds nothing like the epic Hit Me With Your Best Shot. It's epic in a whole other sense, though, pairing the bluesy sensuality of Anna Calvi with the tribal throb of Florence and the Machine.

Mary's debut album is well worth checking out when it "hits" the shops next week. She describes it as being "lots of harmonies, snatches of brass, psychedelic things that you can't quite work out what they are, and some hooky songs. One harpischord."

Only one harpsichord? What a swizz.

Long Gone has been lined up as a single in the run-up to the album's release. The video looks simple but apparently* its budget spiralled out of control due to an unforeseen rush on anti-histamines.

Seriously, aaa-choooo!

Mary Epworth - Long Gone

* Not really.

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