Friday, June 8, 2012

Coldplay, Kylie, Calvin, Lana: That was the week that was this week. Or was it?

OH, HI THERE. It's Friday morning, so let's not dilly-dally with pleasantries. Here are some videos you may have missed over the last week.

1) Coldplay ft Rihanna - Princess of China
Stifle your yawns - it's the new video from Coldplay. Clearly inspired by wuxia films like House Of Flying Daggers, it's a sumptuous oriental martial arts epic in which the song's duelling lovers duel in real life with swords. The metaphor is almost too powerful to handle.

NB: Don't blame me if you feel the sudden urge to play Mortal Kombat after watching this video.

2) Kylie - Jubilee medley
Thanks to my job, I had an amazingly privileged view at the Jubilee concert on Monday. The BBC radio booth was right beside the Royal Box - and actually had a better angle on the stage (The Queen was watching from the right hand side, for some reason). I wouldn't describe it as the best concert of my lifetime, but it had an incredible atmosphere - not so much patriotism as magnanimity.

Madness and Sir Fab Paul Macca Wacky Thumbs Aloft Veggie Sausage McCartney were undoubtedly the highlights, but Kylie's eight-minute hits medley made the best telly. Here she is doing her song-and-dance number with Flawless which, she confessed to us backstage, had been rehearsed outside the portaloos. Prince Harry loved this.

3) Calvin Harris and Example - We'll Be Coming Back
Can anyone pinpoint the exact moment Calvin Harris sold his soul to the devil? Because his 12-month run of hit singles - We Found Love, Bounce, Call My Name, Let's Go, Feel So Close, Only The Horses - simply cannot be natural. Here's the latest product of his collaboration with Beelzebub.

4) Lana Del Rey - Body Electric
At a gig that must surely have been marketed as "Del Rey at the El Rey", serious chanteuse Lana Del Rey gave a concert for a crowd of disturbingly devoted fans at Los Angeles' El Rey Ballroom on Monday. They came dressed with garlands in their hair and hysterically shouted things like "I fucking love you" and "nice lips". She came armed with a brand new track, Body Electric, which ranks among the best of her unreleased material. It namechecks Walt Whitman's poem, which contains the line "those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead". Make of that what you will.

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