Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bobby McFerrin is thinking about... a remix

The summer music slump seems to have begun... Apart from Lily Allen tweeting she was back in the studio, there's little of note flying around this week.

So here's a remix of a song from 25 years ago - Bobby McFerrin's acapella perv-fest Thinkin' About Your Body. In the UK, it's probably better known as Thinkin' About Your Chocolate, as it was repurposed for a Cadbury's advertisement (featuring the biggest chocolate bar you have ever seen).

The remix comes courtesy of Falcon Punch, about whom I know nothing, other than they're big Nintendo fans. Their reworking adds a generous dollop of house piano and some questionable "singing in the toilet" reverb.

Paging the Freemasons: If the above track kickstarts a trend for remixing songs from 1980s chocolate adverts, can this be next?

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