Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ne-Yo breaks out the love syrup

Ne-Yo is back in the charts at the moment with the gratuitously noisy Calvin Harris single Let Go. It's a welcome return for the Arkansas soul singer, whose last few singles got the sort of reception normally reserved for Conrad Murray at a Jackson family barbeque.

Capitalising on the success of Let Go, Ne-Yo put his new single up on Soundcloud today. Lazy Love is a laid-back R&B ballad about a day inside his boudoir of consequence (where the consequence is always sex).

It's borderline hilarious, like a parody of Barry White's "yeeeaaaah baby, I'm gonna make you sweat til you scream" late-night antics. But Ne-Yo is just smooth enough to make it work without the whole enterprise reeking of scented candles and "sensual" oils.

NB: Beware the unnecessary visual image in verse two - "Damn baby that was good, I'd better hit the shower". Shucks, Ne-Yo, you're such an old romantic.

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