Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here's a new video by Little Boots

We've been living with the new Little Boots single for about two weeks now. Every Night I Say A Prayer does several amazing things in the space of four minutes, the key points of which we have outlined below.

1) It reminds you that Little Boots exists and that, contrary to some unnecessarily snipey articles in the press, that she is very good at writing pop songs.

2) It reminds you that Saint Etienne exist and that, contrary to their rather lacklustre 21st century output, their 1990s heyday produced about 30 premium-quality tunes.

3) It reminds you that sometimes pop artists shouldn't spend all their time trying to be flashy, hyper-real disco queens sitting upon a chart throne and working with RedOne because subtle, slow-burning pop songs are just as important as the ones that snog your face off then run away screaming "sorry, you're not my target demographic" leaving you feel empty and hopeless.

4) It reminds you that the Korg M1 house piano sample is one of the best keyboard presets of all time.

5) It reminds you to tap your toes, thereby maintaining a healthy circulation and reducing the likelihood of deep-vein thrombosis.

This is clearly a laudable set of achievements, and I haven't even mentioned that the whole thing is AVAILABLE FOR FREE, like a copy of the Metro newspaper, only it's not shit.

A video has just premiered. Little Boots says it was a "little bit inspired by Paris is Burning (the film, not the Ladyhawke song, although that is good too)". For context, Paris Is Burning was a documentary about the New York club scene in its 1990 heyday. Which is why Little Boots's video looks like a slightly cheaper version of Vogue. This is not a bad thing.

Little Boots - Every Night I Say A Prayer

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