Monday, May 28, 2012

Back For Good (For Now)

Honestly, I leave the country for one week and Cheryl throws herself off a balcony...

I am kidding of course. Cheryl was literally throwing herself into the debut TV performance of Call My Name on Saturday's The Voice. It was nothing short of spectacular. In fact, I'm struggling to think of another British pop star, past or present, who could pull off choreography like this. Well done, Mrs [last name removed].

Cheryl Cole - Call My Name

On Sunday's instalment of The Voice it was Kylie's turn to thrash out a new single. Timebomb, part of Minogue's 25-years-in-showbiz celebrations, was released by stealth last week while I was in Portugal. My initial impression from the beach was "hmm... not much cop".

That suspicion was confirmed when Danny "I would give a standing ovation to a jam sandwich" from The Script failed to perform even one desultory fist pump in honour of Kylie's latest effort.

Kylie - Timebomb

Finally, sticking with The Voice theme, here's the new video from which, as previously discussed, is something of a revelation.

Kylie - Timebomb

A word of advice, Will: You should buy himself a nice comfy overcoat if you're going to be spending much more time in London.

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