Monday, April 23, 2012

When they aren't sitting on a window sill, AlunaGeorge make excellent pop records

Well, this is a long, hot shower of a song. Invigorating and luxuriant, it'll steam up your windows and leave a puddle on the carpet.

The culprits are AlunaGeorge, two 24-year-olds from North London who met on the internet but not like that. Their last single You Know You Like It was one of 2011's year's best un-noticed releases - a fantastically odd pop record, which I described as "the sort of music Aaliyah would be making if she'd lived to see 2011". You can refresh your memory on YouTube.

The shower song is a new single, Just A Touch, which is released today. It sticks broadly to the same template - glitching subsonic basslines splashing all over a cooing, whispered melody. Or, as George puts it, "a soulful song with weird noises". It'll clean out your pipes, and that's a fact.

Go on, give it a rinse [that's quite enough of the shower references, don't you know there's a drought on? Water Ed].

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