Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A very good Norah Jones remix

There is a song on Norah Jones's latest album called She's 22. The original is a rather lugubrious affair, with carefully strummed guitars and Norah doing her sultry, eyes-half-closed, femme fatale thing. But, with a bit of embellishment from TV On The Radio's David Sitek, it becomes a glacial electro spine-chiller. It's really rather excellent.

The remix was commissioned for Record Store Day but it turned out so well that Norah decided to give it away to everyone for free. Or rather, for the price of your email address. Here's the link. And here's the song.

Norah Jones - She's 22 (Dave Sitek Remix)

While we're at it, the video for Norah's latest single, Happy Pills, is also worth watching. The basic premise is: Don't cheat on Norah Jones, or she will kill you.

Norah Jones - Happy Pills

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