Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RIta Ora - for the days when one Rihanna just isn't enough

There's no denying that Rita Ora (pictured right, shortly after being fed through a paper shredder) is an exciting new voice. Potentially the best pop star Albania has ever produced.

But listening to her "proper" debut single, you do wonder whether Roc Nation are trying to turn her into a stand-by Rihanna - ready to leap into action if the real one suddenly proves unable to produce a new song every seven minutes.

RIP sounds like a cast-off from Talk That Talk. So you won't be surprised to hear its a major overhaul of a Drake demo (I'm Ready For You) with Chase and Status at the helm.

"I heard the demo when Drake sang it and it touched me," Rita told Killer Hip-Hop. "I thought it was a great woman-empowering song, so I was like 'I need to cut this song' and Drake gave it to me."

Which is lovely - but if you start off as the substitute Rihanna, following her (admittedly successful) blueprint to the letter, how do you ever become a major artist in your own right? As a wise ginger woman once said, you should dance to the beat of your own drum*.

Rita Ora ft Tinie Tempah - RIP

* Actually, she said you should dance to the beat of her drum, which isn't as powerful or accurate, but I'm not going to let facts get in the way of a useful conclusion.

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