Friday, April 13, 2012

Rebecca Ferguson: Glitter and Gold

Something has gone very right with the Rebecca Ferguson campaign, hasn't it?

The songs are genuine, she does great smokey eyes in the promo shots, and her album's mum-friendly without being too bland. Who'd have thought that the face of Walker's Sunbite Crisps would have a career making successful, grown-up pop?

In the world of UK talent show graduates, that puts her in an exclusive club of two, alongside Will "do you remember the time he stood up to Simon Cowell" Young*.

Her new video, Glitter And Gold, came out today and it's inspired by the video game Paper Mario.

Rebecca Ferguson - Glitter and Gold

* Yes, we do remember, because the clip is played on the television EVERY TIME HE'S ON. It's not even that good. He comes across like a posh school prefect having a tantrum because someone's running in the corridor. They should show this video of him reading his autobiography instead.

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