Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Party, Karamu, Fiesta Forever

Jai Paul. Hmmm... what do we know about Jai Paul?

:: He was on the longlist for the BBC's Sound of 2011.

:: He comes from "the tube stops there" London location Rayner's Lane.

:: His records sound like James Blake, if James Blake was injected with Andre 3000's DNA.

:: There are approximately two promo photos of Jai Paul online. One of them is not the real Jai Paul.

:: Drake sampled Jai Paul's underground club hit BTSTU for his track Dreams Money Can Buy.

:: Then Beyonce sampled it on Til The End Of Time.

:: That is the sum total of everything Jai Paul has ever done.

:: Until now...

Yes, because the reclusive singer-songwriter has suddenly uploaded a new demo to his Soundcloud account. At times, it appears he's accidentally uploaded two songs playing over the top of each other to his Soundcloud account but I'm assured that is not the case.

The song is called Fiesta and it's as grubby as the "gentlemen's magazine" with which it shares a name. Imagine, if you can, a song by late 90s R&B pervmeister D'Angelo that was so sexually charged it was encased in lead and thrown to the bottom of the ocean, lest it cause a population explosion that would wipe out modern civilisation. Now imagine that the song is somehow being played on the seabed, and the sound is bubbling up through the waves like a filthy salmon. That's Fiesta.

You have been warned.

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