Monday, April 2, 2012

It's a beautiful design

Is electronic space music a genre? If so, then Hooray For Earth are in charge of it. Like fellow space explorer Buzz Aldrin, the band hail from New York, and are led by the fantastically-named Noel Heroux.

I loved their previous single True Loves and the follow-up is equally fantastic on plastic.

No Love is the sort of music MGMT would be making if they hadn't bottled it completely in 2010 and abandoned all attempts at melody, structure and coherent thought. Psychedelic but funky, its trippy experimentalism is shot through with squiffy 80s synths and sublime pop hooks... Loads of them. I counted at least three choruses, which is approaching Gaga levels.

There doesn't seem to be an official video, but the song has already inspired a couple of amateur efforts. Unusually, some of them are even tolerable to watch. Here are my favourites.

Hooray For Earth - No Love
A short film about love, passion, and milonga.

Hooray For Earth - No Love
Kids at a rave version

The single is available now, as part of Hooray For Earth's debut album, True Loves.

UPDATE 02/04/12: The band have written to tell me that the first video, directed by Johnny Wood is "Hooray For Earth approved" and an official clip is "will surface in a couple of weeks". So there you go.

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