Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Stuck here with a bottle of beer and I love you"

I've had The Vaccines' old single If You Wanna stuck in my head for the past fortnight, thanks to the trailer for the third series of Made In Chelsea, which Channel 4 is currently rinsing like a dirty flannel.

Still, it's a welcome reminder that The Vaccines gave British indie a much-needed shot in the arm (ha!) last year. The band are neither dour nor miserable, Justin Young doesn't sing in that made-up "indie bloke" accent, and they weren't afraid of gigantic hooks. The musical sort, that is - the band remain justifiably wary of the meat packing district.

So it's good to hear some new material from the group for Record Store Day. They've just unveiled their cover of 1980s alternative classic Why Should I Love You, which is guaranteed to put a spring in your step over the Easter break. Here it is:

The original is by lo-fi legend R Stevie Moore, who has about 400 (400!) albums to his name. It's almost identical, but this video is worth a watch. Let's just call it "idiosyncractic".

R Stevie Moore - Why Should I Love You

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