Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drake and Rihanna and a buffalo

Drake is single-handedly putting the blues back into rhythm and blues. For proof, see Take Care, his duet with Rihanna - a tender, mournful tryst between two broken hearts. It's a world away from the dry-humping, brand-pimping, "sexy bitch" misogyny of Akon and Taio Cruz and their ilk. And if you're feeling delicate, it'll even make you do a little cry.

The track, which is based on a chunky Gil Scott-Heron sample, has been doing the rounds for months now but the video's only just been finished. It's hard to see what took so long - for the most part, it's just a Drake and Rihanna cuddling in an empty room. There is also a recurring buffalo, but the metaphor is lost on me.

Nonetheless, if your internet connection can handle it, you should watch this in full-screen and high definition. The photography - by French director Yoann Lemoine (Katy Perry's Teenage Dreams, Lana Del Rey's Born To Die) - would give one of those BBC wildlife documentaries a run for its money.

Drake ft Rihanna - Take Care

PS: I interviewed Rihanna recently for her new movie Battleship. It was one of those "round table" affairs, where lots of journalists gang up on an actor for 20 minutes. There's always one mental case from Europe who asks questions like "why do you smell so nice" but this one was relatively sane. You can read a transcript here.

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