Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vida Veni Vidi Vici

Keeping up with all the new girl bands is getting exhausting - but hang around for a minute and listen to Vida because you might be pleasantly surprised.

Not to be confused with the latest portable PlayStation console or a feminine hygiene product, Vida are in fact a quartet of 20-something singers from London, Essex and Manchester. Their "names" are AJ, V.vee, Jade & Che3kz - which seems unbelievable, but I met someone called Le-a (pronounced "le-dash-ah") the other week, so anything is possible.

The girls have a strong connection with JLS: Oristé manages the group, while Aston is allegedly dating AJ (she's the redhead). They'll be touring with JLS later this year, too.

So what about the music? Well, all we have to go on right now is the single Boombox, which is out at the beginning of summer. Based around a lilting reggae bounce, it's infernally catchy despite its slight chorus. The girls harmonise well, although the "we're so goddamn quirky" rap-singing in the verses might make you want to murder the stereo. Unless you're one of those people who's buying the Stooshe single, in which case you're going to LOVE this.

PS: I have a theory that all these girl bands are being pushed out the door right now because people are worried about the imminent return of Girls Aloud. I know, I know, it's probably never going to happen but Nadine apparently "confirmed" it to the Sunday Mirror last week.

It's worth clicking through to that article, by the way, if only to marvel at the photo caption: "Nadine's love of potatoes isn't harming her figure".


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