Thursday, March 15, 2012

Labrinth covers the Beatles

So it turns out Labrinth can sing. Really, really sing. That's two reallys, so you can tell I definitely mean it.

Here he is a-strummin' and a-warblin' a cover of the Beatles' Yesterday. It is very good.

Labrinth - Yesterday

Listening to that performance is enough to make you wonder why Lab's new single is auto-tuned up the wazoo. I suppose it makes sense from a commercial point of view, but the all-humans-will-be-erased robovocals make it hard to distinguish in the blur of Taio Cruz and soundalikes.

So it's a relief to hear Labrinth's album sampler and discover that those croonsome manpipes get a proper workout on his BIG BALLAD with Emeli Sandé.

And if you haven't checked out the sampler yet, here it is. I particularly recommend Climb On Board and Sweet Riot.

Labrinth - Electric Earthquake (album sampler)

As a footnote, I interviewed Labrinth not so long ago and he mentioned he'd been spending a lot of time listening to 1970s freaky jazz wig-out specialists Weather Report. So you should expect his second album to sound something like this...

Weather Report - Birdland

Far out.

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