Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garbage: Pale kids

Have you been waiting with baited breath for the return of Garbage? No, me neither. But here they are, making a new album and trying to remember the chords for Stupid Girl in time for their comeback tour next month.

The big question for any band reforming after an extended hiatus is what their new material should sound like. Should it recall the glory days, reminding fans of why they loved them in the first place ("the Take That"); or should it be a disconcerting barrage of white noise and screaming that will confound the masses but maintain your artistic integrity ("the Portishead")?

Judging by their new single, Battle In Me, Garbage have gone for the crowd-pleasing option. The song even recreates the heart-stopping pauses of Supervixen, the opening track on their debut album.

Sadly, the song's raw energy is neutered by Butch Vig's obsessively fussy production. All those effects pedals and multi-tracked guitars rob it of the immediacy that a real rock recording needs. Next time, let's see more of Shirley Manson's rough edges.

Garbage - Battle In Me

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