Friday, March 30, 2012


Two new videos came out today. One is by Swedish newcomers Niki And The Dove, the other is a lyric video by surprisingly resilient girl group The Saturdays. Each single has made a brave effort to scale the craggy peak of the great mountain we call pop. Here is how they fared.

As you can see, the poor old The Saturdays are stuck on the foothills. In this respect, they are very much the five Heidis of generic chart music. Except they can't even claim that title properly, because Heidi from the Sugababes is the official Heidi of generic chart music. Oh dear.

Niki and the Dove, on the other hand, make a much better ascent. This is partly because they have forsaken high heels and chosen adequate climbing equipment [subs - please put joke about crampons here]. It is also because their video is a thrilling journey into space, like the trailer for Prometheus but with 0.00003% of the budget.

See for yourself.

Niki and the Dove - Tomorrow

The Saturdays - 30 Days

(This is probably the most poorly-thought-through blog post I've ever written. And that's saying something. Time for the weekend, I think.)

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