Thursday, February 16, 2012

When sample clearance goes wrong

It's relatively common knowledge that, back in 1992, Gabrielle won a recording contract on the strength of a white label 12" that featured a nascent version of her single Dreams. But, although Go Discs wanted to release the song commercially, they had a problem: Tracy Chapman wouldn't allow them to use the song's central sample, of the guitar riff from her single Fast Car.

Gabrielle - Dreams (Original version)

The version of Dreams that eventually hit number one in 1993 had a much more generic guitar line and lacked the crunchy hip-hop beats of the original - which goes to show the difference getting the right sample can make to a hit single.

Its a problem that appears to have reared its head again on the new single by hotly-tipped British singer Jessie Ware (Where? Over here!)

If you bought SBTRKT's album last year, your ears will be familiar with her voice... But take a listen to her excellently broody new record Running and see if you can spot the inspiration for its drum loop.

Jessie Ware - Running

Did you recognise it? To be fair, you're not likely to unless your a massive Prince trainspotter. But the drum programmer is desperately trying to emulate the Purple maestro's sparse, moody mastery of the Linn LM-1 drum machine on the Sign O' The Times album track The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker. Imagine how much more atmospheric Jessie's record would be if it sounded like this:

Now, there must be other songs that lost a key sample on the journey from demo tape to digital download - but, apart from Black Box's Ride On Time, I can't think of them right now... Can you help?

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