Thursday, February 23, 2012

A very good song by Yasmin and Diplo

For some reason everyone has decided that the charts only have room for one Scottish singer doing moody 90s retro dance pop, and that person is Emeli Sandé. Which is a bit of a pisser for Yasmin, who is equally brilliant and less likely to record a mawkish rawk ballad with Coldplay.

We would like the world to reconsider their position because Yasmin is a very good pop star. She makes songs that sound like the first incarnation of the Sugababes on Tempazepam (which, let's face it, they probably are). It has also come to our attention that she is quite attractive, and says amusing things on Twitter:

What's not to love?

Here is Takes 1 2 Know 1 an excellent song with an appalling title that Yasmin posted on her Soundcloud page the other day. It's a co-write with Diplo who, as we all know, torpedoed the campaign for Beyoncé and Nicola Roberts's albums last year. With that in mind, let's hope this becomes an album track.

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