Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lazily copying another press release*

* Except this one is better than the usual guff.

There's no need to thank me but I have just sorted out 17 minutes and 44 seconds of any DJ set you're ever going to do again.



War of Words just posted a mixtape.

Yeah, yeah, i know: everyone does a mixtape, don't they. BUT NOT LIKE THIS.

It's got SNAP! and TLC and BLACK BOX on it.

AND an amazing new War of Words original called Sympathy.

Here it is:


What is great about this particular mixtape is that (a) it is a free download and (b) War Of Words have gone to the effort of re-recording several of the tracks. In the words of Louis Walsh, they have "really made it their own".

Well done, everyone.

So there you go.

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