Monday, February 20, 2012

Intriguing Dolly Rockers "leak"

Apparently, the Dolly Rockers are still a thing, despite being dropped by EMI about two years ago. You might remember them from such irritating songs as Je Suis Un Dolly and Gold Digger - which are what Ke$ha would sound like if Ke$ha were genuinely drunk all the time.

Anyway, it turns out they've stuck together... largely. Out went singer Brooke Challinor (blonde, gobby) and in came Daniele Owen (brunette, gobby). Then they set off for the US where they recorded with "notoriously choosy" uber-producer Red One.

A demo of one of those new songs, Get You Alone, has just leaked on YouTube (although given the frequency with which the band have been promoting the leak on Twitter, you begin to wonder exactly who put it up there in the first place). Gone is the "chav in a karaoke booth" affectation of the band's previous singles. In its place, a more formulaic but more listenable strand of bubbling ravepop.

In the realms of Red One co-writes, this is more Scherzinger than Gaga. But given that his demos tend to come alive in the mixing stage, this has the potential to be a genuine hit.

Dolly Rockers - Get You Alone

More info, should you require it, on the Dolly Rockers blog.

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