Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When bad songs get good remixes, pt 473

20-year-old singer Jodie Marie is one of the newest signings to Decca. Legend has it she was discovered in a small B&B in West Wales - presumably in a wardrobe - and chosen to relaunch the iconic Verve label.

Her recording career is being masterminded by Simon Gavin, who launched Duffy on an unsuspecting world four years ago. Demonstrating a remarkable capacity for creative thinking, Simon has employed Bernard Butler to produce Jodie's debut album.

The results, as displayed in her new single I Got You, are as original and innovative as a sandwich.

Jodie Marie - I Got You

Luckily, someone has asked ace remix team Shook to fiddle about with the song's tickly bits. The result is a slinky, 80s-indebted slice of disco funk. Check out the evidence below.

Jodie Marie - I Got You [Shook Remix]

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