Thursday, January 12, 2012

We're off on a Grimes spree

Here is the sum total of what we know about much-hyped electronic musician Grimes.

:: She is really called Clare Boucher.

:: Clare comes from Montreal. Montreal's most famous resident is currently Peter "voice of Optimus Prime" Cullen.

:: She describes her sound as "post-internet" which is a fancy way of saying "a bit weird".

:: Grimes also admits that the soundtrack to Disney's Pocahontas was a big influence on her songwriting.

Just Around The River Bend from Pocahontas

:: She has signed a deal with record label 4AD which, since her music has certain sonic similarities to the Cocteau Twins, is very fitting.

:: Her debut album Visions is due out this year. She says it is "the best work I've ever done. The only work I'm actually proud of and not embarrassed to show people".

:: Before all of that, there is the matter of a new single, which she has called Genesis in a probably-not-really tribute to Phil Collins.

:: When you hear this song, you will think, "this is one of those broody, loopy electronic tracks that passes the time quite nicely but is otherwise totally forgettable".

:: By the time it finishes, you will have changed your mind.

Grimes - Genesis

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