Monday, January 23, 2012

This is not a new track by Daft Punk

Today's blog post is about 17-year-old French dance producer Madeon who burst into our consciousness last year with a breathtaking, 39 song mash-up performed live on a sampler. The appropriately-named Pop Culture incorporated bits of tracks by Buggles, Kylie, Girls Aloud, The Killers and ELO - comme ├ža:

Madeon - Pop Culture

An astonishing display - and one that has rightly seen him booked for a ton of DJ sets around the continent.

He's also been working hard on his debut album, and the first single - Icarus - got a preview on Pete Tong's radio show a couple of weeks back. Clearly, Madeon has had to borrow all of his equipment from Justice, who bought it second-hand from Cassius, who had it on loan from Daft Punk after they won it in a bet from Stardust.

Seriously, all French house music sounds like this, doesn't it? Not that I'm complaining.

Icarus - Madeon

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