Friday, January 6, 2012

Something lovely for Friday morning

The ever-serene Jill Scott has put her weight behind the Campaign For Random Acts of Kindness and Volunteerism, which encourages us all to be excellent to one another, like in that sappy Kevin Costner movie. It's something one of my friends has experienced for real recently. Here's how he described it:

To aid the campaign along, Jill has recorded a cover of a genuinely timeless classic - Bill Withers' Lovely Day - as their theme song. If she was performing it on X Factor, the judges would undoubtedly say she'd "made it her own". As ever, that means "thank you for adding a pleasant but otherwise unnecessary torrent of extra notes to this song." Still, it's hard to grumble when the original is so good and Jill's voice is so beautiful.

Watch the video, then go out and give a stranger a kiss on the nipples.

Jill Scott - Lovely Day

Take that, cynicism!

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