Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh, hello there new Santigold MP3

Get ready to say "hooray", because barmy old Santigold has returned to scream a load of old nonsense into your skullholes.

This is her new single, Big Mouth, which is a thinly-veiled attack on Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. At least, I'm 99 per cent sure it is. The lyrics are almost completely indecipherable - but the subtext is pretty obvious from the cartoon segments of this psychedelic, Neneh Cherry-indebted video.

Santigold - Big Mouth

If you like what you hear (and why wouldn't you?) the song is available for zero pennies* at Santigold's website. It's taken from her new album, Master of My Make-Believe, which is due later this year.

* Well, whatever it costs you to download an mp3 on your current provider's broadband service plan

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