Monday, January 16, 2012

She's a lady who A*M*E's to please

Sound the trumpets. Popjustice has just posted a video from spanking new pop act and one woman Googlewhack A*M*E.

As you can see above, A*M*E loves Stockholm, but that's one of the few things we actually know about her. Even her real name is a mystery. Luckily, our completely-made-up facts department has informed us that A*M*E stands for Anne-Marie Ectoplasm.

You can see why she went with the acronym.

Born in Sierra Leone and raised in London, 17-year-old A*M*E is influenced by the grime scene, but has a chart-friendly pop sensibility "to boot". Think of her as a less offensive Azealia Banks, or a less broken-up Mis-Teeq. In other words, she is bloody good.

That video I mentioned in the first paragraph? Here it is.

A*M*E - City Lights

Now, if you pop over to A*M*E's website, you will see the following quote: "Some people call me a singer, others a songwriter. I see myself as a composer."

Once you've stopped going "ooh, get her" and put down your handbag, you may wish to investigate this claim further. Luckily, A*M*E has written a fanzine which contains some of her top songwriting tips, including the essential advice: "draw a spider diagram" and "write your lyrics".

The fanzine also includes an eye-opening journalistic investigation of the 1990s when "you had pop legends like Debbi Harry [sic] and Bob Marley". Here is what A*M*E has to say about those artists and the music they created. In the 1990s, in case you forgot.

"The music of the 90s had structures… Versus, a mid eight, you knew one section from the other, melodies were on point. It was good honest mysic. We cheat a lot now… Special effects, auto tune. A lot of songs are like one big chorus lately. Whereas pop used to be lyrically hard hitting - not in a depressing way - it was pop music with meaning. It's not just about stepping into a rave, throwing your hands up and moving to a chick."

Wait a minute, wasn't all music in the 1990s about stepping into a rave and throwing your hands up? (except for the music by Jon Secada and The "Smashing" Pumpkins, obviously). Oh dear.

Luckily, we do not have to rely on A*M*E to teach us valuable lessons about the music of yore. We only rely on her to write catchy pop tunes and to rap a bit, and she does both of these things excellently. Here is the conclusive proof.

A*M*E - Play The Game Boy

A*M*E - Hold Me Back

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