Monday, January 30, 2012

An open letter to Labrinth

Dear Labrinth,

I wish to bring to your attention a minor error in the lyrical content of your (otherwise excellent) new single, Last Time.

In verse one, you state: "I ain't leaving Paris until I get a French kiss". However, in France the French Kiss is not called a French Kiss. It is instead called "baiser avec la langue", which literally means, "kiss with the tongue". If you spend a lot of time in Paris asking for a French Kiss, the response will largely be "je ne sais pas ce dont tu parle" accompanied by a haughty shrug of the shoulders.

Please amend your song accordingly.

Thanks and goodbye,

Labrinth - Last Time

If, by any chance, you felt there wasn't enough vocoder in that song, Labrinth has made all the vocoder parts available as a "stem" so you can enjoy them in splendid isolation. Knock yourself out.

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