Monday, January 9, 2012

Is this the first great party record of 2012?

Chiddy Bang are best known around Discopop Towers because of their amazing remix of Ellie Goulding's Under The Sheets in 2010 and the MGMT-sampling Opposite Of Adults, which followed a few months later.

The Philadelphia duo have been in the studio "working hard" (eating a lot of KFC bargain buckets) ever since. Their debut album is called Breakfast and it is due out on the very last day of February. Promoting the release of the album is a single, named after rhythm-and-blue giant Ray Charles.

It's not exactly a sensitive tribute. In fact, Ray's name seems to have been harnessed as an excuse for a series of bizarre comments about the inability to see. "I'm a blind man, yeah, like Three Blind Mice," they boast illogically. "I don't need no walking stick."

If you can set the concerns about the lyrical content aside, this is a great party tune powered by a chunky piano stomp. It's an acceptable alternative to LMFAO, if you will.

The video contains a fantastic tribute to The Blue Brothers, too.

Chiddy Bang - Ray Charles

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