Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A band with a misleading name, part 439

Imagine if Clock Opera really made music that sounded like a timepiece aria: A tinny cacophony of ticks, tocks, buzzes, bells and the occasional cuckoo.

Luckily, Clock Opera don't do that. Instead, the London-based quartet record the sound of an Apple Mac having hiccups onto a piano. Then they get Guy Connelly to croon all over it with his haunting tenor.

Their new single is in fact their old single, Once And For All, with a bit of spit and polish for 2012. Appropriately for the New Year, the lyrics are an exhortation to pursue your dreams: "Get up, get out. Stand up and shout your name / Don't be afraid to get in the way again."

The video stars veteran character actor Dudley Sutton, who became a cult star in the 1960s after playing a gay biker in taboo-busting British drama The Leather Boys. His character pays heed to the song's central message and, after years of hesitating, plucks up the courage to talk to the object of his affections.

It will break your heart.

Clock Opera - Once And For All

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