Thursday, December 8, 2011

Praise be - Goldfrapp are back!

Just 10 minutes ago, Parlophone Records made a quiet announcement on the social notworking site Twitter. It looked like this.

The link takes you to Vevo - which is the crippled, deformed offspring of YouTube and Ukrainian MTV - and a beautiful video that finds Goldfrapp in soothing, reflective form. To save you the bother (and having to sit through the terrible adverts) here is the song.

Goldfrapp - Yellow Halo

Now, as far as I'm aware, Goldfrapp are no longer signed to Parlophone or EMI. So my guess is that Yellow Halo and the "second song" the label alludes to in their tweet will be the extra tracks on the band's Greatest Hits album - which Will said was in the pipeline nearly two years ago.

Whatever the story is, it's always great to have Goldfrapp around for Christmas. Hooray!

UPDATE: Alison's just taken to Twitter to confirm the Greatest Hits album, which is due in March.

Interesting spelling of melancholy.

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