Thursday, December 1, 2011

My, My, My Delilah

20-year-old Delilah is shaping up to be one to watch in 2012. Her first single, Go (the one that reworked Chaka Khan's Ain't Nobody into a spooktastic moodyfest) was rush-released in September due to popular demand.

The follow-up is called Love You So and it's a macabre masterpiece, slowly drowning in minor key strings and apocalyptic drums. Delilah has a beautifully understated, hushed vocal style. The effect is to make lines like "I'm pointing a gun at my oldest friend" eerily chilling, where lesser singers would oversell the sentiment.

Very good all round. And there's a polar bear in the video.

Delilah - Love You So

Interesting fact: Delilah's real name is Paloma, but she had to choose a new stage name after Paloma Faith became famous. It would clearly have been better if Delilah had changed her name to "Paloma Hope", persuaded Cher Lloyd to change her name to "Paloma Charity" and formed an entirely dreadful supergroup.

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