Friday, December 16, 2011

How about we call the band "Vomit Spasm"?

Sound the nomenclature alarm: We have run out of proper names for new bands.

Otherwise, how do you explain the existence of "The Cast Of Cheers", "Suck Piggy", "Nipplepotamus", "Me and the Neck" and, my personal favourite, "Supersonic Piss"?

I only mention it because someone has just emailed me new material from a Spanish artist who goes by the name of That Girl With Dark Eyes. That's like calling a book "The Papery Thing With Ink In It" or releasing a film under the title "A Series Of Rapidly Changing Still Images Which Create The Impression Of Motion Due To The Phenomenon Of Persistence Of Vision".

Maybe I'm being unfair here. Maybe Tiffany Garrett Sotomayor (for it is she) is a big fan of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but hasn't got a distinguishing body marking she can describe in her nom de tune. And at least the title is accurate: She genuinely has got dark eyes. Two of them.

But if I were her manager, I'd suggest a new moniker - That Girl Who Has Been Recording Some Very Promising Music With Pascal Gabriel Who Did The Ladyhawke Album.

Here are two of her recent demos. If you're into Yelle or Goldfrapp or Little Boots, these will definitely be of interest.

Drop It by that girl with dark eyes

Balloon by that girl with dark eyes

PS: The Onion has an annual feature rounding up the worst band names of the year. The 2011 list is really quite something - read it here.

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