Wednesday, December 7, 2011

At last - new music from Ladyhawke!

Instead of chucking out any old nonsense and calling it "my best work yet" (I'm looking at you, Rihanna) New Zealand pop savant Ladyhawke has been slaving away at her second album for three years. That's a fucking long time, so it had better be incredible.

Luckily, the auspices are good. She's just released the first official snippet of material - from a song called Sunday Drive. The intro is reassuringly familiar, Pip Brown's breathy vocals framed by a strutting bassline and wonky barrel piano riff. If anything, it sounds like Goldfrapp's Satin Chic punching La Roux in the face. Then, as the bridge kicks in, you start to realise that the second Ladyhawke album won't just be a retread of her first. Listen up:

ARRRGH for the video cutting off before the chorus -- but you can get an idea of what comes next by watching this shaky video of the song being played live at the 100 Club last month.

Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive

If you're a fan of crash zooms and tinny audio, you can watch practically the entire Ladyhawke concert - which is stuffed full of new material - on YouTube. The excellent HardCandy blog has put together a playlist, which you can see by clicking this highlighted text which acts as a hyperlink to an external site.

Ladyhawke's album will be called Anxiety and you can buy it next March. That's the artwork at the top of the post, by the way.

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