Monday, November 14, 2011

You want updates? We got updates

My, my - this weekend has been a veritable goldmine of brilliant music. None of it on our televisions, of course. That would be too much to ask. Still, here's what's happening with some of the biggest Discopop Directory all-stars...

1) Nicola Roberts is still allowed to release singles

Which is a good thing because Yo-Yo, the third release from her album Cinderella's Eyes is the best so far.

It's not out until January - but here's Nicola performing it, all acoustic and spooky, at something called the "BT Digital Music Awards".

Nicola Roberts - Yo Yo

2) Beyoncé plays with the Roots on US TV.

This performance of Countdown is worth watching just for ?uestloves hi-hat paradiddles. If you prefer pretty women to watching drummers, I suppose Beyonce is reasonably attractive.

3) Little Boots lets us hear her new single

There was a sneak preview of Shake (Until Your Heart Breaks) on the Little Boots mixtape I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. The full track got its first radio play on Annie Mac's Radio One show the other night and it sounds incredible - like St Etienne covering La Isla Bonita, remixed by Inner City. A return to Little Boots club origins, this is much more in the vein of Stuck On Repeat than Remedy. Hooray!

Little Boots - Shake

4) Yasmin revives a late 1980s hip-hop drum sample

Yasmin is back with a Ms Dynamite duet called Light Up (The World). The drum loop will be familiar to anyone who's heard King Bee's Back By Dope Demand. And crate-diggers will know the sample originally comes from the Lyn Collins track Think. To be honest, the Yasmin song makes it too prominent, overpowering what is at heart quite a sweet reggae melody. Still, the video is a sumptuous feast of Cuban loveliness.

Yasmin - Light Up (The World)

5) War Of Words get a very good remix

Up-and-coming girl band War Of Words have had their album written by Ben off of La Roux, so it's not entirely surprising that he's been in the studio making a remix of their first single that sounds slightly more like La Roux. It goes like this.

War Of Words - Panic (Ben's Panic Street Beaters Remix)

Now, what am I going to write about for the rest of the week?

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