Friday, November 11, 2011

Raggy dolls, raggy dolls. Dolls like you and me.

Last thing on Friday, here are Friendly Fires with their new video, Hurting. The song is one of the more sparse, accessible tracks off their fussy second album, Pala, with a finger-popping 80s synth fizz. In keeping with the song's breezy exuberance, director David Lewandowski (who worked on Tron Legacy) has come up with a brilliantly daft storyline, which simultaneously celebrates and takes the piss out of singer Ed Macfarlane's rag doll dancing "style".

I won't spoil any surprises... Just click on the play button.

Friendly Fires - Hurting

Now that you've seen the video, would it be unfair to suggest that Lewandowski has just grabbed a fistful of record company dollars to make a bigger-budget version of his YouTube short Going To The Store?

I'm saying "no".

Going To The Store

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