Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Marina and the Diamonds: Starring Role

The endearing thing about Marina And The Diamonds is that, at heart, she's a ginormous fruitcake.

She spends her life trying to convince us she's a Bjönkers avant-garde multimedia alternative artist who's found herself making pop music by accident, when in reality she's just a brilliant pop star with amazing lips.

It's great, therefore, that all the early material from her Electra Heart project is so straightforward and gimmick-free. Radioactive was a chugga chugga dance behemoth (the Starsmith remix is still one of my favourite things of the year) and the latest single, Starring Role, staples a cataclysmic R&B beat to a typically melodramatic Marina melody.

Marina told me last month that the Electra Heart album eventually forms a story about a doomed relationship. So if Radioactive is the first scene - a giddy headrush of sexually-charged romance - the new single drops us right into the action at the end of act II.

"When I'm in my bed, all you give me is a heartbeat," complains our heroine, "I'd rather walk alone than play a supporting role".

Marina's blog describes the version of the track that came out last night as a demo. If so, the single mix must surely be IMMENSE. Can't wait for 2012...

Marina and the Diamonds - Starring Role

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