Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Mini-me video frenzy

The fifth single from Noah And The Whale's album Last Night On Earth is going to be Give It All Back. A semi-factual account of the band's formation, the song recounts their "nervous and awkward" first gig at a school assembly, back when they were called Devil's Playground. It's a scene many will find familiar...

I still remember the sixth form concert where my first group made its stage debut. As this was 1991 we had co-ordinated our wardrobes, having earlier decided that blue suede waistcoats and white cotton shirts were 'bodacious threads'. Our closing number, an ambitious syncopated funk number, was widely discussed for days afterwards. And by "discussed", I absolutely mean "ridiculed".

For the video to Give It All Back, Charlie Fink and Co. have recreated their first performance using a special rose-tinted lens that makes their tentative steps onto the stage look incredibly accomplished. In fact, inter-cutting the child actors with the current line-up kind of makes the adults look bad at their job.

Noah And The Whale - Give It All Back

While the kids-version-of-adult-band thing is very cute, this isn't the first video to attempt it. For example...

Queen - The Miracle

Michael Jackson - Bad (Moonwalker version)

There have got to be more. Can you name any?

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