Monday, November 7, 2011

Backstage at the MTV EMAs

I've just spent the weekend back in my hometown of Belfast, watching the MTV Awards take over the city. Very surreal to see kids camped outside The Europa (akathe most frequently bombed hotel in Europe) screaming for Justin Bieber. Who was staying somewhere else.

Deranged Beliebers aside, Belfast treated the awards with the usual mixture of excitement and bemusement. Lady Gaga "looked like a teapot", one young fan told me after queuing up to see her for hours.

Backstage, the MTVs are exceptionally well run... on the red (well, pink) carpet, I was sandwiched in between a Polish TV crew and two Swedish women who claimed to be journalists but only ever asked the stars for a photograph. Everyone was very excited by Jessie J, no-one wanted to interview LMFAO. Fame is a cruel mistress.

Of course, the big draw was Gaga herself. We bumped into her personal flight crew the night before the show, who told us she'd be sporting a more feminine look this weekend. Which was true, if you consider stapling a dustbin lid to your forehead a feminine look. In Gaga's world, I think it possibly does. Here's her performance of Marry The Night.

Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (EMA 2011)

Backstage, the superstar was one of the few who was gracious enough to actually speak to the press after winning an award. She kept us waiting for an hour, mind you, and then only agreed to answer three pre-scripted questions from a hand-picked journalist from Capital FM. But that's all anyone needed...

Rather brilliantly, she was wearing a chainmail dress that was so tight she was unable to walk - having to either shuffle or be physically lifted up by a bodyguard to get around the press area. She asked us "not to take pictures while I'm stumbling around" so I have a video on my phone instead. I'm not publishing it, though, no matter how much you beg.

For me, though, the best performance of the night came from J-J-J-Jessie J. She was very sweet on the red carpet, too... Fretting over what she was going to say in her tribute to Amy Winehouse and talking up new acts like Lana Del Rey and Wretch 32. She even looked slightly less fembotic than normal in her Dolce & Gabanna pantsuit.

Jessie J - Price Tag (EMA 2011)

In case you're wondering, the "streaker" was clearly a stunt. Before the show, Hayden Panettiere had told us to expect a surprise during her appearance. Later she professed that it was genuinely unscripted - but I think this quote gives it away a bit: "God bless Europe. You guys can have naked people running around, I don't understand. If this had been the US you would have had the police come in and he'd have been arrested. It would've been a disaster".

Here's a couple of hastily-grabbed iPhone shots from the red carpet. Don't think I lead a glamorous life, though. You're missing the five hours of hanging around in the cold with nothing but a soggy sandwich for company.

Jessie J - "It's a celebration of music"

Gaga - "Don't take photos of me while I'm stumbling"

The Hoff - "I kissed a Gaga and I liked it"

Queen and Lizo Mzimba - "We're the oldest people here by about 1,000 years"

Katy B - "I'm not wearing this outfit to the afterparty as my boobs would fall out"

Bibermeister - "no questions, please"

Me and my award - "I was just honoured to be nominated. I never expected to win. This is for the fans and God."

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