Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who are the BIGkids?

Just stumbled across this video on Vimeo (its YouTube for nerds) and I'm intrigued... The music sounds like a cross between Fatboy Slim and The Go Team - stuffed silly with samples and party noises, married to a big dumb chorus that I'm 99% positive will be stuck in my head til Tuesday.

BIGkids - Drum In Your Chest

But Who are BIGKids?

Their Facebook page explains: "BIGkids are a boy and girl from camden. Big singalong duets to grin your face off to, over DIY beats with lots of saxophones and samples. This is music to trash your bedroom to. Watch this space for more cheap videos and sweaty gigs."

Their Soundcloud uploads reveal that Drum In Your Chest isn't a fluke (and that someone in the band does an amazing Etta James impression).

Their tumblr blog displays an obsession with 80s pop culture, pumpkins, breasts, and pumpkins that look like breasts.

But THAT is IT. Which is quite a feat in this era of sharing your every stumble and belch with the world in 140 characters or less.

I've pressed that "follow" button on Vimeo... Watch this space for more.

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