Friday, October 21, 2011

She found love in a hopeless place

...And that place was Belfast.

For all the fuss over Rihanna cavorting around a field in her bra, the video for We Found Love is surprisingly gritty and nihilistic. But the scenes of Rihanna knocking about in a Northern Irish chip shop made me giggle - because it reminded me of a local news story back in the 1990s…

A man in his mid-20s went to a chippie on the Dublin Road, near Belfast's university quarter one Saturday night and asked for a burger. He only wanted a simple quarter pounder, he explained, with no cheese and no ketchup. So when he bit into the burger and got a mouthful of tomato sauce, he was beyond rage. After berating the staff for more than 15 minutes, he returned in the dead of night to daub red paint on the shopfront. "THEY GIVE YOU KETCHUP WHEN YOU DON'T WANT KETCHUP", he wrote in furious capital letters. The grafitti was cleaned up - but continued to re-appear every weekend for several months, before the police finally arrested him for criminal damage.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is my home town.

Rihanna - We Found Love

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